Case Study: The Moody Foundation – Galveston, TX

In 2016, The Moody Foundation engaged Avalanche Consulting to evaluate Galveston Island’s economy and develop a strategy that will maximize the impact of the Foundation’s giving on the Island. Established and headquartered in Galveston, the Foundation is one of the largest in Texas. In its history, it has issued more than $1.2 billion in grants across the state.

We began with an in-depth evaluation of Galveston’s economic, education, demographic, trade, and lifestyle dynamics to understand what factors have the greatest effect on the prosperity of the Island’s residents. We also facilitated personal interviews with more than 40 Galveston leaders to hear their perspectives on the Island’s strengths and challenges.

Through our analysis and interviews, we identified opportunities to propel Galveston’s economy forward. Seven strategic themes emerged: education, workforce development, infrastructure, housing, quality of place, heritage, and health. We shared best practices from other communities and philanthropies engaged in those themes.

We then worked with The Moody Foundation’s Trustees to select the theme most compelling and impactful to them. The Moody Foundation’s ultimate goal became to create a generational shift in educational attainment among Galveston residents.

With this direction in hand, Avalanche developed the “Generation Moody” strategy, providing a continuum of program ideas from early childhood education to college and career readiness. As a result, over the next 2-3 decades The Moody Foundation’s giving will directly impact the future of every child and young adult on Galveston Island.

Upon completion of the strategy, The Moody Foundation’s Trustees agreed to create a senior level staff position to serve as Generation Moody’s programmatic lead. Several other Galveston-based family foundations have also agreed to align their giving with the Moody Foundation to create an even greater impact on the Island.

Since launching in 2018, Generation Moody has issued more than $27 million in grants that support educational opportunities for Galveston youth from cradle to career. Initial focus areas include literacy, social emotional learning, STEM, professional development for educators, and financial aid for higher education.


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