Case Study: The North Texas Commission

In February, 2017, the North Texas Commission engaged Avalanche Consulting to lead a Strategic Visioning Initiative for the organization.

The North Texas Commission is a public/private partnership of over 200 members including corporations, cities and municipalities, and higher education institutions cutting across 12 counties of North Texas. After serving a variety of marketing, advocacy, and collaborative roles in the region, the North Texas Commission needed to clarify its greater purpose while ensuring it does not duplicate the valuable efforts of other partner organizations. Avalanche Consulting was called in to facilitate a strategic visioning process to define a refreshed mission, recommend areas of focus, and establish priorities.

Our process began with a review of materials from the North Texas Commission to help us better understand its current and historical activities and areas of focus. We then conducted an Inventory of Member Activities, which mapped the nonprofit and public sector investors’ activities to

identify gaps or areas of need that could be filled by the Commission.

Most importantly, we engaged with over 65 investors and staff through telephone interviews, focus groups, and a member survey to seek their input on the North Texas Commission’s greater purpose in the region. We discussed why members invest, what the feel are the NTC’s the most valuable programs, and what issues require greater regional collaboration. Armed with this information and a sampling of national best practices, we led their Executive Committee through two workshops and feedback sessions to start charting a new path forward for the North Texas Commission.

Our revised Mission and Focus for the North Texas Commission concentrated on advancing the vibrancy of the North Texas region by leveraging its unique ability to convene, educate, and advocate for its 200+ members. Our recommendations call for the organization to identify key areas of opportunity related to regional vibrancy, and to create a proactive roster of activities to convene members and others from across the region, educate them on key regional priorities, and advocate for change as a unified regional voice at the state and national level. Our refreshed mission and vision for the North Texas Commission was enthusiastically endorsed by North Texas Commission leadership.


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