We can proudly say that – without exception – we exceed client expectations every time. The drive to deliver the best quality strategies available in the marketplace today is engrained in the way we do business. Just ask our past clients: 

“Having heard great things about Avalanche and having had the opportunity to hear Amy Holloway speak at conferences we were all excited about having them lead our city’s strategic planning efforts. Amy and our primary point of contact for the process, Jennifer Vernon were amazing to work with and the final product is on point or beyond where our expectations were in the beginning. The product, the process, and the immense knowledge and excitement they bring to their work were enjoyable and have provided us an interactive and achievable roadmap to improve our community. I also feel that I personally gained valuable knowledge from them during the process that has made me a better economic development professional and thoroughly excited about engaging with my community on accomplishing the goals we’ve set out for ourselves.”
– Shawn Hershberger, Development Services Director, City of Winchester

“Avalanche Consulting was the perfect firm at the perfect time for Douglasville and Douglas County, GA.  We haven’t had a strategy in almost 20 years, they came in and provided a clear objective that allowed our community to rally behind and put into action. We now have a new brand, public and private partners that have committed human and financial capital to implementing the plan and a renewed aspiration for a great place to live, work and play Outside the Lines.”
– Chris Pumphrey, Executive Director, Develop Douglas

“I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was once again to work with each of you and your firms here in Amarillo on Align Amarillo.  My measure of a good plan is if it helps something real and significant happen.  I saw this in College Station following the work you assisted us with there and again last night here in Amarillo. It’s pretty cool that on the night of plan adoption the Director of the Economic Development Corporation, the President of the local community college, the leader of the major non-profit foundation and the Mayor point to the just adopted plan as a key factor in a major workforce development partnership they were approving.  I am confident the plan will do just as we had hoped, which is serve as the stimulus for action through partnerships.”
-Bob Cowell, Deputy City Manager, City of Amarillo

“Many thanks, Amy, for a job extremely well done. We are grateful for the perceptive and thoughtful work you and Jennifer did for the North Texas Commission. It was a great pleasure working with you and the Avalanche Team. Your report will guide us in the months and years ahead.”
-James Spaniolo, President & CEO, North Texas Commission

“We have enjoyed the CEDS process and could not have done this without Avalanche Consulting.  The team has such a great way of working with people that it paved the way for our plan to be successful.  Avalanche’s talent, knowledge and experience are second to none. Money well spent.  Return on investment = priceless.”
-Amy Madison, Executive Director, Pflugerville Economic Development Corporation

“The economic development process we’re running is highly complex, hyper-political and requires aspirational thinking. We needed a firm that could bring the right combination of analytical prowess, professionalism and broad-based economic development experience that could unite various community interests around a common purpose. We got this and more from Avalanche.”
-James Kilberg, Executive Vice President, Weyerhaeuser

“Avalanche was fantastic to work with. The Organizational Evaluation report was very thorough and provided many best practices to advance our organization. Many of our focus group and workshop participants were impressed with their professionalism and ability to tease out meaningful information. I would highly recommend Avalanche to any EDO.”
-Charlie Jewell, Executive Director, New River Valley Economic Development Alliance

“We’ve engaged the Avalanche Consulting team on a number of projects over the past ten years, including our two most recent regional target industry strategies. Time and again, they’ve provided insightful, creative, and meaningful guidance for our region’s economic and workforce development efforts. The quality of their thinking, cutting-edge research, and commitment to truly engaging a large and diverse group of stakeholders has led to broad-based community support for their strategic plans. This is a smart, energetic, and innovative team – we highly recommend Avalanche and their work.”
-David T. Ginn, President & CEO, Charleston Regional Development Alliance

“Avalanche Consulting provides a very fresh and creative approach to traditional strategic planning initiatives. The consulting team is dynamic and professional and generated a lot of interest and excitement throughout the Jacksonville region for our Innovate Northeast Florida project. Avalanche invested a great deal of time and energy developing a thorough understanding of Northeast Florida’s economy. The study recommendations leverage our region’s unique assets and opportunities. JAXUSA Partnership is actively implementing Avalanche’s plan and we expect to see big results for our region over the next five years.”
-Cathy Chambers, Business Development & Marketing Vice President, JAXUSA Partnership

“The report and OurMiami.org website draw connections between Miami’s quality of life indicators, uncovering powerful conclusions about our city. The team at Avalanche was incredible at taking us through a very intensive, complicated process and helping us arrive at a clear and useful report.”
Stuart Kennedy, Senior Programs Manager, The Miami Foundation

“Avalanche Consulting was able to quickly integrate into our unique community and determine the factors that would help sustain our economic viability while embracing our culture and history. This isn’t easy for a Mountain village with 6,000 residents and over 4,000,000 visitors a year. As we continued our recovery from the devastating 2013 floods, Avalanche Consulting’s timing couldn’t have been better. Their ability to empathize with and relate to our community through dozens of public and private meetings with community members, stakeholders, business owners and town and county officials was invaluable. I would highly recommend Avalanche Consulting for any community looking for an Economic Development Strategy partner.”
-Jon Nicholas, President & CEOEstes Park EDC

“Our experience with Avalanche Consulting was great!  The development of our strategic plan involved over 2,000 Jonesboro residents. This inclusive process resulted in great support from our community as we have transitioned to the implementation of our strategy.”
-Mark Young, President & CEO, Jonesboro Regional Chamber

“Avalanche Consulting was an invaluable partner in setting our community on a course for economic development success. Their ability to listen to all voices, think creatively, respond positively and help guide us in data-driven decision-making has made our strategic planning process one of the best consulting engagements I have ever experienced. Avalanche was not afraid to help us confront the brutal truth of our shortcomings, but moreover, help us better understand and exploit our strengths. I would highly recommend this outstanding firm.”
-J. Shawn Lewis, Assistant City Manager, City of Longmont

“After months of dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster, we hired Amy and Avalanche Consulting to help us flesh out a strategic direction, not only for our corporation but for our community. Their hands-on approach and community engagement method allowed us to create a plan that has been adopted wholeheartedly by the community. Amy and her team did an incredible job of letting us tell our story and set our own course while at the same time giving us direction and helping us to focus our efforts in the most effective manner moving forward. I would highly recommend Avalanche Consulting for any community looking to effectively engage their citizens and chart a strategic direction that will be adopted and put to use.”
-Dave Quinn, Executive Director, Bastrop Economic Development Corporation

“We’ve been really impressed with the level of follow up we’ve received from Avalanche since completing our first Economic Development Strategic Plan. It’s been several months since our plan was adopted, but we continue to receive guidance and support from Avalanche as we carry out the specific tactics they’ve identified.”
-Nathan Murray, Management Analyst, Provo City Mayor’s Office of Economic Development

“Working with the Avalanche team was a breath of fresh air. The consultants were very careful to listen to business and community leaders prior to making their recommendations. They did not roll into town with pre-conceived ideas or prescriptions. I received multiple compliments from the community about the energy and enthusiasm the team brought through their approach. The strategic plan is being implemented by multiple organizations, because we had their buy in from the beginning.”
-Emily Crawford, Executive Director, Brownwood Economic Development Corporation

“We had a great experience with Avalanche Consulting. Our region is complex and they did a tremendous job dissecting our strengths and guiding us to a forward thinking vision.”
-Kim Statler, Executive Director, Lowcountry Economic Alliance

“Wow! That is my first reaction and the reaction of many that saw the presentation Avalanche made recently to our team. Avalanche’s work on our strategy is truly wonderful and I am proud to have the responsibility to lead its implementation. I can assure you it will not sit on the shelf. We will demonstrate to the world through the implementation of the strategy why this region is the best for business.”
-Hal Johnson, President & CEO (Prior Position), Upstate SC Alliance

“Avalanche successfully took the experience and talents of our Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative’s staff to help us build a new Economic Development Department to serve our region in Texas. They were able to assist us not just on the more scientific research such as our area’s demographic profile, but also help us with the more ‘right brained’ activities such as branding, design, and marketing. Even more, their connections with key state and regional economic developers greatly assisted Bluebonnet in building those valuable relationships. Finally, working with Avalanche has been a very enjoyable experience – they have showed not only great service but also a passion for making our company better! What more could one ask for?”
-Vance Hamilton, Director of Economic Development (Prior Position), Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative

“As the GO Topeka Economic Partnership considered assistance in developing a new strategy and target recommendations, Avalanche Consulting’s approach was of interest to us. It turns out that the approach was better than expected and we are exceptionally excited about where we are headed over the next few years because of the firm’s guidance and recommendations. Avalanche understood our community and organization, our needs, and where we wanted to go. They provided an honest, fresh assessment and strong recommendations for moving forward. I highly recommend Avalanche Consulting to anyone that is interested in being a winner in these turbulent economic times.”
-Steve Jenkins, Senior Vice President Economic Development (Prior Position), GO Topeka Economic Partnership

“We would recommend the economic development and marketing services of Avalanche Consulting to any economic development corporation that is serious about increasing focus and improving competitive advantage. Amy Holloway is a seasoned professional with the experience, education, connections, and skills to deliver ready-to-implement plans on time and within budget.”
-Lee Peterson, President & CEO, Temple Economic Development Corporation

“As project coordinator for a comprehensive economic development plan for a disjointed region, Amy Holloway galvanized our communities. There can be no question that her diligent research and innovative approach to identifying real economic issues/opportunities were very impressive. Her most critical asset is her ability to communicate her ideas with people on all socioeconomic/political stratas. It takes an extraordinary set of skills to bring strangers together, to have those strangers agree on opportunities for improvement, and then to assist in the implementation of those improvements. Amy Holloway has those skills unlike anyone I have ever met. The strategic path laid out for our region has led to success beyond our imagination.”
-David Bradley, Vice Chairman, Northwest North Carolina Strategic Planning Committee

“Amy is an exceptional marketing expert whose imaginative ideas are pushing the field of economic development to exciting levels of effectiveness rarely reached by practitioners today. If you’re chasing smokestacks she’s not for you…however, if you want a high-value, high-wage career strategy for your market…call Amy.”
-John Krug, Past Vice President & John Fremstadt, Past Vice President of Technology, Metro Orlando EDC