Foundations Services

AVALANCHE DEVELOPS MODELS AND STRATEGIES FOR COMMUNITY FOUNDATIONS TO GAUGE THE WELLBEING OF THEIR REGIONS. We recognize the incredible impact foundations can have on their communities when their investments are strategically targeted. Our Foundations Services include:

  • In-depth data analysis
  • Strategic plans
  • Highly tailored performance metrics
  • Interactive websites as a storytelling platform

The model we recently designed for the Miami Foundation helps foundations benchmark the true condition of their regions across a custom set of indicators. Indicators reach beyond traditional economic development metrics and include topics related to livability, environment, human health, equity, and civic engagement.

While everyone intuitively understands the importance of having a healthy economy and society, distilling these topics into readily quantifiable metrics can be challenging. We take a multi-dimensional approach, analyzing where data points intersect to uncover the true dynamics of critical issues. Our customized research arms residents with the information they need to take action to spark positive change in their community.

We develop meaningful, engaging content using data and interactive websites as a story-telling platform to enlighten and influence decisions where a community foundation can have a measurable impact. These rich narratives provide insight into the areas of greatest need and illuminate where investment of time and resources could catalyze the greatest change.

Strategically planning investments can help a foundation magnify the positive impact they have on their community. Powered by in-depth data, we can pinpoint specific areas in the community where a foundation can make the most difference, and our strategic plans can make changes in those areas possible.

Contact Amy Holloway or Chris Engle to discuss how your community foundation could benefit from our services.

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The report and website draw connections between Miami’s quality of life indicators, uncovering powerful conclusions about our city. The team at Avalanche was incredible at taking us through a very intensive, complicated process and helping us arrive at a clear and useful report.

-Stuart Kennedy, Senior Programs Manager, The Miami Foundation