Organizational Assessments

AVALANCHE HELPS ORGANIZATIONS OPTIMIZE THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THEIR STAFFING, FUNDING, AND REACH. We take a broad look at organizational structures and their capacities to lead economic development. We conduct a thorough review of operations and examine best practices.

Avalanche also conducts interviews and surveys to gauge the perspective of an Economic Development Organization’s operations and its community’s assets by its internal and external audiences. Through our customized research, we create organizational assessments that provide objective recommendations on how to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the EDO.

Contact Amy Holloway or Noelle Salerno to discuss how we can assess and lend focus to the activities of your organization.

Avalanche was fantastic to work with. The Organizational Evaluation report was very thorough and provided many best practices to advance our organization. Many of our focus group and workshop participants were impressed with their professionalism and ability to tease out meaningful information. I would highly recommend Avalanche to any EDO.

-Charlie Jewell, Executive Director, New River Valley Economic Development Alliance