AVALANCHE RECOGNIZES THE INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE QUALITY OF A REGION’S TALENT POOL AND ITS SUCCESS IN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. Talent ecosystems develop best when both educators and employers are at the table. All too often, however, a region’s educational system and the needs of companies are disconnected. People responsible for marketing the community may also lack a clear understanding of their regional labor shed. Avalanche’s Talent Alignment Strategies and Labor Shed Analyses are designed to help communities address these challenges.


Our Talent Alignment Strategies help communities pinpoint workforce strengths, communicate those strengths, and advocate for building education capacity in the fields needed most by local industry.

Our process combines data analysis and stakeholder input to quantify gaps and surpluses in a community’s talent pipeline. An understanding of local educational gaps, labor market strengths and weaknesses, and demographic and industry trends allow us to make specific recommendations that address the critical factors: education, talent recruitment, and talent retention.


Communities that maintain a sustained pipeline of skilled workers have a formidable competitive advantage in retaining and recruiting companies. Our Labor Shed Analyses provide your community with a comprehensive portrait of your true labor shed.

Our customized process arms communities with information about the quantifiable qualities of their labor force—size, draw, skill-sets, and incomes—so that they can more effectively communicate competitive strengths with prospects. We quantify skills’ surpluses, which can be touted in marketing activities, as well as skills’ shortages, which can drive future decisions about improving education quality and programming. By thoroughly examining who is living and working within a community—not just by counting jobs—we can more accurately calculate the true size and skill composition of your available workforce.

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We’ve engaged the Avalanche Consulting team on a number of projects over the past ten years, including our two most recent regional target industry strategies. Time and again, they’ve provided insightful, creative, and meaningful guidance for our region’s economic and workforce development efforts. The quality of their thinking, cutting-edge research, and commitment to truly engaging a large and diverse group of stakeholders has led to broad-based community support for their strategic plans. This is a smart, energetic, and innovative team – we highly recommend Avalanche and their work.

-David T. Ginn, President & CEO, Charleston Regional Development Alliance