Excerpt from NSIDE Magazine

Speaking with Amy Holloway is like opening a window and inviting fresh air inside. Her vibrant personality, effective economic strategies and humanitarian sensibilities and sensitivities need to be cloned.

Starting Avalanche Consulting in 2005 after 10 years as a strategist and executive at other consulting firms, Holloway says, “I knew I needed a wealth of experience before opening my own shop. The field of economic development strategic planning is a niche sector of consulting.”

Noting that there are few people in the country who are true experts on the subject, Holloway explains Avalanche Consulting’s boutique approach to the abundant services it offers.

“I formed Avalanche so I can take a personal role in each project,” she says. “I wanted to start a firm that could work with progressive communities willing to let us take a highly creative approach in helping them revive their economies.”

Helping communities create jobs and business investments, Avalanche Consulting spends six to eight months working with a community to evaluate their economic situation, identify target audiences for future growth and craft a detailed action plan to create a more competitive place for jobs and investments.

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