By Tony DeLisi

Last week, Avalanche examined the geographic distribution of the gender wage gap. Even in metropolitan areas where female workers enjoy the highest earnings, the median earnings of men were typically 20% higher. To supplement our geographic discussion, Avalanche decided to explore the role of occupational choice in median earnings data. Specifically, in which occupations do men and women earn more equitable salaries?

Across all occupations, female annual salaries are on average 21% below male average salaries. The US average salary for women in 2011 was $37,200 compared to $47,200 for men. The wage gap of many individual occupational groups, however, is far smaller. The following occupations have better than average gender wage gaps:

Top 10 Occupations by Gender Wage Equality

Occupation Gender Wage Equality









Of interest to note, the occupations with the largest gender gap were Legal Occupations (0.51 ratio), Health Diagnosing & Treating Practitioners & Other Technical Occupations (0.61), Sales & Related Occupations (0.65), Production Occupations (0.68), and Personal Care & Service Occupations (0.71).