Site Selection Trends in the Information Technology Industry is an article written by Chris Engle and John Rees of Avalanche Consulting. It is featured in the July-August issue of Trade and Industry Development Magazine.

Information Technology (IT) continues to be one of the most transformative industries in the U.S. The expansion of mobile Internet and cloud computing is accelerating, causing realignment of corporate strategies and site selection decisions. Now, IT operations for many industries are being de-coupled from corporate headquarters and moved to innovative regions rich with skilled tech talent. Both foreign and domestic companies are establishing IT centers in these innovation hubs.

In this article, we explore recent trends in IT — new technologies that drive location decisions, which U.S. regions have growing IT sectors and why, and how IT is transforming the corporate practices of traditional industries. Then, we describe a typical site selection process to help IT companies or divisions identify and select the best location for their operations.

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