This is an excerpt from an interview with Amy Holloway conducted by KASU.

Listen to the full interview here.

The Jonesboro Economic Development Commission is launching a strategic plan with the goal of bringing more jobs to the region.  Over two-thousand residents participated in surveys and focus groups as part of a five-month study conducted by Avalanche Consulting, Inc. of Austin, Texas.  President and CEO of the Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce Mark Young tells why this was necessary.

“We are excited about the plan.  As we move forward, it is important for us to have a plan in place as we continue to grow this plan from an economic standpoint.”

The goals of the plan are three-tiered; investing in the Jonesboro product, telling Jonesboro’s story, and organizing for action.  The action plan will take place over the next five years, and include the need for infrastructure improvements, workforce training and development, a comprehensive marketing campaign, and developing a competitive economic program that will create, attract, and retain high-paying jobs.  President and CEO of Avalanche Consulting is Amy Holloway.  She says the need for higher paying jobs is a priority.

“Jonesboro is doing some great things, but there are still some challenges that Jonesboro faces. 1 in 5 residents in Jonesboro are below the poverty line and the average wages for Jonesboro are still about $12,000 below the national average. Jonesboro is doing some amazing things, but there are still some things to do in the future. That is where the three goals come in, and also the need for more workforce training.”

Listen to the full KASU interview.