By Amy Holloway, President

This is a historical moment. Our dive into the depths of the 2014 American Community Survey data reveals a transformation that is unprecedented. The percent of bachelor’s degree holders in the US is officially higher for women than for men. (Click on the link to explore which metros have the biggest differences in degree holders between the genders… we know you’re curious.)

The difference in educational attainment between the sexes has changed dramatically just in the past few years. Since 2011 to be exact:

educational attainment












As a female entrepreneur and strategist for communities across the country, this is a notable moment for me. It conjures ideas. Does this shift matter? What happens in our communities when women hold more university degrees than men? Will we see more women in leadership positions and will perspectives and approaches change? For our economic and workforce development friends, these are questions worth exploring.

Yesterday, the Washington Post featured our analysis of educational attainment by major metro and gender. Which regions are the most educated and making the most progress? Click here to find out.